ENSCI Support to Scientists

Euclid NASA Science Center at IPAC (ENSCI) has been established by NASA, in order to support US-based investigations using Euclid data. ENSCI is part of the Euclid Consortium’s Science Ground Segment, providing algorithm and software development, participating in data quality assurance, and performing data processing. In addition, ENSCI supports the US research community by providing expert insight into the Euclid surveys, data processes, calibration, and products.

ENSCI staff are available at the IPAC booth at AAS meetings to answer questions.  ENSCI plans to host tutorials and webinars to help scientists use Euclid data. For information on archival science with Euclid, click here

To request help from ENSCI, email ensci-support *AT* ipac.caltech.edu (replace "*AT*" with the appropriate symbol).

You can find an overview of the Euclid mission, and an introduction to ENSCI here:

ENSCI Brochure (2022)