Euclid Archival Science

On June 8, 2020, IPAC hosted an online panel discussion, "US Archival Science with Euclid",  to discuss future opportunities for US-based archival science with Euclid. The panel built on short presentations by three speakers, leaving plenty of time for community discussion and questions. Three perspectives were featured. Dr. Harry Teplitz (Caltech/IPAC) provided a report from ENSCI about programmatic and schedule considerations. Prof. Claudia Scarlata (U. Minnesota) introduced the Euclid Consortium and what it will provide for the community. Prof. Anna Sajina (Tufts) discussed community needs for archival research with Euclid. Questions on US-based archival science with Euclid can be sent via the ENSCI helpdesk at 'ensci-support (at)'.

Presentation by Harry Teplitz (Caltech/IPAC)

Presentation by Claudia Scarlata (U. of Minnesota)

Presentation by Anna Sajina (Tufts)


"Supporting Archival Research with Euclid and SPHEREx Data", by Harry Teplitz, George Helou, Jason Rhodes, Peter Capak, Claudia Scarlata, Olivier Doré, Michael D. Seiffert, and Vandana R. Desai, Astro2020 APC white paper