Euclid Data Release Timeline

The overall active mission duration for Euclid is planned to be at least 6.5 years, with main survey operations lasting 6 years after an initial commissioning phase of 3 months following launch. If Euclid continues to be operational after this time, a mission extension could follow with additional surveys. Well characterized and validated data will be made public in three main data releases (DR1, DR2, DR3), phased with the survey progress, with the final DR3 a year after the end of the main survey. For the most up-to-date Euclid timeline, click here.

Preceding each major DR are “quick releases” (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) of selected areas and data-products, to demonstrate the data to be expected, and to allow scientists to sharpen their data analysis tools.

Tentative timeline for the Euclid data deliveries to the general scientific community. (Credit: ESA & Euclid Consortium)
Click here for the most up-to-date Euclid timeline.

The main component of the Q1 data shall contain Level 2 data of a single visit (at the depth of the Euclid Wide Survey) over the Euclid Deep Fields (EDFs): 20 deg2 of the EDF North, 10 deg2 of EDF Fornax, and 23 deg2 of the EDF South. The deep fields will be visited multiple times during the mission. Click here for the scope and content of Q1, and here for the product definition of Q1.