ENSCI Releases Estimator for Astrophysical Background at L2
September 29th, 2016
False color image of the Milky Way from Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE). The main background for space missions at L2 (such as Euclid) is from emission by dust and stars in the Milky Way.

The Euclid NASA Science Center at IPAC (ENSCI) has released an Estimator for Astrophysical Background at L2. This provides an important tool to Euclid scientists for survey optimization.

This tool gives optical-to-infrared background estimates for observations from the Earth-Sun L2 Lagrangian region, the future orbit of Euclid. The Background Estimator can be accessed by uploading an input table, or by an HTTP program interface .
The estimates for zodiacal brightness depend on the date. The user may select "Day" (of year), or "In Viewing Zone", which will give the median value for times in the year that the object is in a typical spacecraft viewing zone.

For more information, or to try out the Estimator for Astrophysical Background at L2, go to