What's in Euclid's First Images
August 17th, 2023
This is a raw image taken using NISP’s ‘Y’ filter, taken during commissioning of Euclid to check that the focused instrument worked as expected. (Credit: ESA)

On August 14, 2023, Euclid successfully completed its commissioning period (for more details, click here). During the last few weeks, the ESA team, the Euclid Consortium and industry partners have worked tirelessly to check all functions of the spacecraft and instrumentation. The teams confirmed that Euclid's spacecraft and systems, the telescope and scientific instruments work in space as expected or exceeding expectations. 

To learn more details about the comissioning of Euclid, and explore the first images taken by Euclid, you can watch this video made by the Euclid Consortium:


For a detailed explanation of what is in the first Euclid images, click here to read the related blog entry from the Euclid Consortium.