Euclid begins new de-icing operation
June 4th, 2024
Artist impression of ESA's Euclid mission in space. (Acknowledgement: Work performed by ATG under contract for ESA)

Spacecraft components can absorb water from the air during assembly on the ground, and release them gradually in the cold environment of space, leading to the formation of ice which impacts the performance of sensitive scientific instruments. Euclid was successfully de-iced in March 2024, restoring the full performance of the VIS instrument. Now the level of ice has increased on the optical path toward the VIS instrument, requiring new de-icing operation, which is planned for this month, June 2024, and follows the same procedure as executed in March 2024.

Euclid operations team is investigating a full ice decontamination option that may be used in the future. The de-icing operations of Euclid's sensitive optics are expected to become a routine activity.

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