Euclid Consortium
August 24th, 2023
Euclid Consortium website at

The Euclid Consortium consists of ~2500 scientists and engineers across more than countries. The Euclid Consortium website provides a lot of useful information, such as descriptions of the mission components, details of the Euclid surveys, and the timeline for public data releases.

Some key pages on the Euclid Consortium website are:

  • The "News & Media < Press Contacts" page provides the interface for the public dissemination of Euclid information.
  • The "Euclid Blog" page provides in-depth descriptions of Euclid capabilities, explaination of the first test images from Euclid, etc.
  • The "The Mission < Data < Simulations" page provides details on Euclid data simulations.

You can explore the Euclid Consortium website at .