Euclid Commissioning
September 28th, 2023
Artist impression of the Euclid mission in space. (Credit: ESA)

Euclid commissioning is looking up, after being extended somewhat in duration to address a few issues --- unsurprising for a space mission with stringent requirements to achieve groud-breaking science goals.

Euclid's fine guidance sensor (FGS) was found to have inconsistent performance, but now with new software installed, it seems to perform well, with no negative impact on the mission. The Sun's stray light was found to creep into some of the VIS detectors, but this has now been mitigated with reprogramming of Euclid's wide survey. X-rays emitted by the Sun during solar flares were found to occasionally reach the detectors, spoiling a portion of the images taken at that moment, but this will have a marginal effect on the Euclid surveys; teams are working hard to minimise this through repeat observations and data processing.

For details, click here for the ESA story.