Anticipating Euclid Data Release Q1
October 20th, 2023
Art's image of Euclid.

The Euclid mission will have three major data releases (DR1, DR2, and DR3), and 4 minor “quick” releases denoted by Q1,…,Q4. Q1 is anticipated in the near future. The purpose of the Q1 release are:

  • Provides a first set of Euclid data so that scientists outside of the Euclid Consortium (EC) can understand the quality and performance of Euclid already one year before its first data release DR1, which will include the reprocessed Q1 dataset.
  • Helps non-EC scientists to gain early familiarity with the Euclid data and archive infrastructure, and with the dedicated facilities and tools developed by ESA and the EC.
  • Gives non-EC scientists the opportunity to prepare and tune their own scientific programs that will involve Euclid data, facilitating a prompt scientific return from DR1.
  • Marks the start of the scientific exploitation of Euclid nominal mission data by non-EC scientists.

The main component of the Q1 data shall contain Level 2 data of a single visit (at the depth of the Euclid Wide Survey) over the Euclid Deep Fields (EDFs): 20 deg2 of the EDF North, 10 deg2 of EDF Fornax, and 23 deg2 of the EDF South. The deep fields will be visited multiple times during the mission. Click here for the scope and content of Q1, and here for the product definition of Q1.